UAM Office of Student Engagement

the office of student engagement is located in the student success center, room 103c

上海快3是国家彩票吗the primary function of the office of student engagement is to provide programs and services to promote academic success and development. on behalf of our students, we serve as liaison with faculty and other administrative offices on campus.

our office extends information referral assistance and administers the student judicial system. additionally, we provide students with information about co-curricular activities and programs, and advise students of university policies that affect them, such as the student code of conduct.

上海快3是国家彩票吗through the efforts of our professional staff, the office of student engagement offers extra and co-curricular programs that help students reach their full intellectual, cultural, social and professional potential.


 report crime you have observed, or if any person reveals to you that he/she learned of, or was the victim of, perpetrator of, or witness to any crime. this applies to crimes on campus, on the public property adjacent to the campus and locations at which university sponsored activities are taking place.

 report actions and behaviors that are causing you concern. this report will not be used to cause disciplinary action, but rather to get help for the person.

  report alleged acts of sexual misconduct, discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.


Dr. V. Moses Goldmon
上海快3是国家彩票吗 Vice Chancellor for Student Engagement

Michael Davila
Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Engagement/Dean of Students

Becky Ryburn
Project Manager

Student Success Center
P.O. Box 3459
350 University Drive
Monticello, AR 71656
上海快3是国家彩票吗 870-460-1653 (fax)