If you have any issues with WeevilNet please contact Information Technology at 870 460 1036 or email . You will receive assistance during our business hours: Monday – Friday 8:00AM – 4:30PM.

上海快3是国家彩票吗weevilnet grants access to student records, purchasing and managing department budgets, time reporting, and more.

Students login to to access their class schedule, billing information, grades, course history (unofficial transcript), GPA, and more.

上海快3是国家彩票吗   this has limited view only features of the student self-service.  class schedules, grades, account inquiry, & financial aid are available for mobile devices and tablets.   works on regular pcs too.   for full access to weevilnet student self-service please login to the full site.      

上海快3是国家彩票吗faculty and staff login to to access administrative functions involving students, classes, financial aid, admissions, student billing, housing, and more.

faculty and staff login to to access purchasing and manage departmental budgets.

上海快3是国家彩票吗all employees and student workers login to  to submit their time each week.

上海快3是国家彩票吗supervisors approve time reporting in .


上海快3是国家彩票吗login information is a follows:

  • 上海快3是国家彩票吗username/ user id should be in all caps

  • Do not include @mqyy287.cn

  • internet explorer is recommended

  • 上海快3是国家彩票吗for better compatibility, have only 1 internet tab/window open at a time


    If you are having trouble accessing WeevilNet, your email account password may need to be reset.  Please email from a personal account and include your name, birth date, and UAM email address.

    We will not give out the password, you'll need to be able to look the information up:
    (Internet Explorer/ Firefox is recommended)

    Or reset/unlock your account from the Student Information Page.

    UAM e-mail is the official method of communication between students and University faculty/staff.  All official communication with students via email must be sent to the student’s UAM-issued email address (in the format ******@mqyy287.cn").