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(note: uam will never ask you for your password in an email.  we will not send emails that imply you will lose your email service if you do not enter information after following a link.  please be alert to phishing scams trying to steal your user id and password.  official uam it announcements will be made on the website.)

for 上海快3是国家彩票吗Email, WeevilNet, Installing Microsoft Office Products, WIFI connections, and Setting up your UAM Email to your mobile devices.

Password Assistant

上海快3是国家彩票吗uamwifi-secure is ideal for all students & uam staff.

 uamwifi-guest is for campus guest. for temporary accounts contact it department.


Defines responsible and ethical behavior in using UAM’s computing facilities and resources. .


上海快3是国家彩票吗uam students have the option to load microsoft software on 5 personal machines for school-related activities. 

  1. Login to your UAM Email
  2. Click on Office 365 (top left corner of page)

Install Office on your PC, smartphone, or iPad information will display; you can now install Office products.


Understanding Copyright before using or distributing electronic media is very important and UAM takes violations seriously and are punishable by law.  If you are unsure, you can email UAM’s IT dept. chief information officer (CIO) for clarification.


(MUST register first to use the unlock/change password)
(MUST register first to use the unlock/change password)

if you need assistance for entering an it work order, please follow these .